Steven Hull


Time Runs Out 06.18.2009–12.17.2011

Steven Hull & Amy Thoner (Eds.)


Important artist-run project space La Cienegas Projects was part of LA’s thriving art scene between 2009 and 2011, hosting large-scale, collaborative, project- based artworks by over 60 local and international artists including Koi Tanaka, James Benning, Jim Shaw and Tami Demarre. The brief but rich history of this alternative space is thoroughly documented in this 416-page volume designed by Jennifer Rider in conjunction with its founders and curators, artist Steven Hull and architect Amy Thoner. Extensive documentation of the gallery’s 61 exhibitions along with original press releases is introduced by Los Angeles–based writer Susan Morgan and followed by artist Charles Gaines’s essay critically examining the history of alternative spaces and LCP’s place within that history. In three short years, LCP’s cutting-edge exhibitions by new and established local and international contemporary artists quickly made it the go-to place to see what was new and fresh in LA art.



February 2016 / Exhibition catalog / Hardcover
7 x 9 inches / 415 pp / Extensive color